What is Occupational Health and Safety about?

This course will provide you with the skills to ensure a safe working environment for employees; how to identify unsafe acts, and prevent future accidents.  You will learn about the steps in safety training, how to manage potential workplace hazards, fire prevention and fire protection as well as the various types of physical protective equipment and the safeguarding of machinery and equipment.

Occupational Health & Safety

What are the prerequisites?

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  • Internet connection
  • A web browser

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Unit 1:   Introduction to safety in the workplace

1.1 Unsafe acts

1.2 Participants in the prevention of accidents

1.3 Steps in safety training

1.4 Preventing future accidents

1.5 Loss control

Unit 2: Identify potential hazards

2.1 Statutory requirements

2.2 Identify potential hazards

2.3 Protective clothing

2.4 Safeguarding machinery and equipment

Unit 3: Limit damage to persons property

3.1 Fire prevention and fire protection

3.2 Emergency procedures

It takes between 4 days and 2 weeks, depending on your speed.

Firefighting Training

First Aid Training

Unit 4: Safety procedures

4.1 Role of management 

4.2 Basic safety rules

4.3 Loss control programme

4.4 Incidents