What is Conduct Moderation of Outcomes-Based

 Assessment  ?

This course equips learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct effective outcomes-based assessments. It is divided into five units, each focusing on different aspects of the assessment process.

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Unit 1 : Demontrate Understanding of Outcomes-Based Assessments 

1.1 Background: South-African Qualifications Sector

1.2 Comparisons Between Outcomes-based and Other Forms of Assessment

1.3 Recognition of Prior Learning

1.4 Assessment Methods

1.5 Key Principles of Assessment

1.6 Giving Feedback on Assessment Results

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Unit  2: Prepare For Assessments 

1.1 Introduction: Guidelines to Assessors

1.2 Preparation of Assessment Resources, Logistics, Documentation and Environment

1.3 Prepare the Learner for Assessment

1.4 All Pre-assessment Moderation Requirements are Carried Out 

1.5 Inputs are Sought from Candidates regarding Special Needs and Possible Sources of Evidence that could Contribute to Valid Assessment

1.6 The Assessment Policy and Process is used to Confirm that the Candidate Understands and is Ready

Unit  3: Conduct Assesssments  

1.1 Assessment Practices Promote Effective, Manageable, Fair and Safe Assessment

1.2 The Assessment is Carried Out According to the Assessment Design and Assessment Plan

1.3 Questioning Techniques are Appropriate and Successfully Elicit Appropriate Responses

1.4 Sufficient Evidence is Gathered

1.5 Assessment Judgements are Consistent with Judgements Made on Similar Evidence 

1.6 Records of the Assessments are in line with the Organisation's Quality Assurance System

Unit  4: Provide FeedBack on Assessments   

1.1 Feedback is given to Relevant Parties in Accordance with Confidentiality Requirements

1.2 Feedback is Clear and Sufficient Information is Provided to Enable the Purpose of the Assessment to be Met

1.3 Feedback on the Assessment Process is Obtained from the Candidate

1.4 Appeals that Arise are Dealt with According to the Assessment Policy

Unit  5: Review Assessments    

1.1 The Review Identifies and Records Strengths and Weaknesses

1.2 Feedback from Relevant Parties is Analysed

1.3 Summary