What is First Aid Training ?

This first aid course is aimed at upskilling employees, family members, friends, and bystanders with the necessary skills to assist patients in emergencies. The course is aimed at teaching participants how to take of people who are injured or ill, until the emergency services arrive. This course covers a series of immediate interventions such as treating minor injuries, bandaging, stopping bleeding, performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), etc. As a first aider, it is essential to know how to respond to specific situations, as the correct response in the event of an emergency, can ensure a potentially life-saving outcome.

First Aid Training

What are the prerequisites?

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  • Internet connection
  • A web browser

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Unit 1

1.1 Maintenance of personal safety

1.2 Methods of safeguarding a scene

1.3 Methods of safeguarding an injured person

1.4 The medico-legal implication of rendering First Aid

Unit 2

2.1  System of the human body

2.2 Organs relate to form systems

2.3 The operations of the system

Unit 3 

3.1 Determining priority treatment

3.2 Determining the cause of the emergency

3.3 Classification of injuries

3.4 Preparing the scene for assistance

It takes between 4 days and 2 weeks, depending on your speed.

Occupational Health and Safety

Fire Fighting

Unit 4

4.1  Basic first aid treatment 

4.2  First aid treatment that are appropriate to the situation

4.3  Improvised first aid equipment

4.4  Universal precautions to prevent infections

4.5  Current first aid practice

4.6  Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

4.7  Referral for further medical assistance 

Unit 5

5.1  Common injuries and their treatment

5.2  Treatment for fractures

5.3  Muscle injuries

5.4  Circulatory problems: Fainting / diabetic emergency

5.5  Circulatory shock

5.6  Environmental injuries

5.7  Electric shock

5.8  Poisoning

5.9  Seizures

5.10  Strokes

5.11  Drowning

5.12  Bleeding

5.13  Wounds

5.14  Follow up care